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Australian Prestigious Schools Online Interview Week (3 to 8 August 2020)


iEducation will be hosting the Australian Prestigious Schools Online Interview Week from 3 to 8 August 2020. Participating IB and boarding schools are Beaconhills College (VIC), Immanuel College (SA), Knox Grammar School (NSW), Pembroke School (SA), PLC Sydney (NSW), Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW), Seymour College (SA), The Friends’ School (TAS), The Scots College (NSW), Walford Anglican School for Girls (SA), Westminster School (SA) and Woodcroft College (SA).

A series of online seminars on a wide range of topics: ”The Value of Australian Prestigious Schools”, ”IB vs Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education”, ”Boarding Life Experience”, ”International Student Support Services”, ”Covid-19 Measures and Support in School” and ”Preparing Your child for Migration” will be conducted during the week to help you explore study opportunities in Australia.


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