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Are you struggling with the following questions?
  • What are the advantages of studying overseas?
  • What factors are to be considered when planning for overseas study?
  • How can I prepare for departure?
  • How can I overcome problems I experience overseas?
  • How can I enjoy studying overseas?
Many alumni and existing students have enjoyed their study experience in Australia. These experiences are outlined below and can be extremely beneficial to all prospective students.
  1. 留 學 澳 洲 是 個 轉 捩 點
  2. My first year in Adelaide Australia - A boy student aged 14 studying at a private school in Adelaide
  3. My first year in Adelaide Australia - A girl aged 16 as a “home-stay” student in Adelaide
  4. My Study Experience in Adelaide Australia
  5. Overseas Study = 3 Bs - Better Education, Better Career, Better Future
  6. Five of Us Studied in Adelaide South Australia
  7. Happy parent overjoyed at the academic and character development of his daughter studying abroad
  8. 成 功 是 需 要 決 心 和 毅 力