2. My first year in Adelaide Australia - A boy aged 14 studying at a private school in Adelaide

It is now my second year studying at a private boarding school in Adelaide. I came to Adelaide when I was 13 years old; and at that time, I felt worried to stay at a boys boarding school. My standard of handling English as a language, especially spoken English was not fluent and I lacked self-confidence to communicate with foreigners. Fortunately, all my classmates and teachers always have patience to let me express myself and encourage me to talk more.

The school campus including sport centre and football fields are spacious and I have now become a sporty student, who can mix with Australian classmates. Australians are very friendly people and I seldom encounter racial prejudice. The class size of students is about 22 to 25 and my teachers can have sufficient time to take care of each student. This is good for me because I can gradually build up my confidence and improve my English.

Adelaide is a quiet and peaceful city and it is a good environment for students because they can concentrate on their studies and not wasting time on entertainment places, such as game halls, Karaoke bars, etc.