3. My first year in Adelaide Australia - A girl aged 16 as a “homestay” student in Adelaide

I came from a “band-three” secondary school at Tuen Mun and arrived in Adelaide about half year ago. Many of my relatives and friends thought at that time that I was hopeless and could not cope with studies in Australia. I joined a girls school and stay with an Australian old couple as a “homestay” student. They are very friendly and really take care of me by cooking evening meals and giving me a single room as my bedroom.

My school is a girls school and this gives me confidence to study science subjects. My Australian classmates and teachers are very helpful and willing to help me on studies. Life is not boring at school because girls can still talk about pop stars and fashions. It is a private school though not a famous one. The class size is 22 and I can easily make friends with girls in my class and in other classes.