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The University of Adelaide Veterinary Study Tour


The number of domestic pets in Hong Kong has risen rapidly in the last decade.  It is estimated that the number of pets in Hong Kong will further increase from 510,000 in 2017 to 550,000 in 2019.  There are now only 800 registered veterinarians in Hong Kong.  An increase in demand for vet services is expected. 


The University of Adelaide (UoA), a Group of Eight university in Australia is offering its first ever '7 Day Veterinary Study Tour’ in July 2018 to F4 to F6 Hong Kong students who are interested in animal and veterinary sciences.  During the week in Adelaide, participants will gain practical animal handling experience, explore the AUD37 million veterinary teaching and research facility as well as learn with some of UoA's key academics in the field.  If you wish to become a veterinarian and want to learn more about this profession, don't miss out. 


The University of Adelaide Veterinary Study Tour

Date: 14 to 21 July 2018

Cost: AUD500 per student (inclusive of meals, airport pick up, transport, accommodation and social activities) – this study tour has been subsidised by the faculty hence the cost has been reduced to AUD500 only.


Application deadline: 14 May 2018


Please click here for further information and registration.